スタッフおすすめ!六本木編 vol.1 [銀座 篝]

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スタッフおすすめ!六本木編 vol.1 [銀座 篝]

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六本木駅から徒歩0分、六本木ヒルズB2Fにある銀座 篝


BLINK 六本木:
地下鉄日比谷線・大江戸線 六本木駅 a1出口から徒歩6分
地下鉄南北線 ・大江戸線 麻布十番駅 4または7番出口から徒歩10分
六本木ヒルズWEST WALKエントランスより徒歩2分

We would like to introduce delicious ramen restaurant called Ginza Kagari in Roppongi hills where you can go from BLINK Roppongi🍜

Ginza Kagari is located on the second floor of the basement in Roppongi hills which is directly connected to Roppongi station.
I ordered this Ramen with Hamaguri clam and oyster you can see above🦪

The noodles are medium-thin, topped with oysters, clams, and chashu, making it very fulfilling!
You can also enjoy flavor variations by adding yuzu and fried onions along the way.
The soup with the aroma of oysters was incredibly delicious😀
Please give it a try when you have the chance⚡

BLINK Roppongi:
6 min. walk from Roppongi on Hibiya Line,  Namboku Line and Oedo Line
10 min. walk from Azabu-Juban on  Namboku Line and Oedo Line
2 minutes walk from Roppongi Hills WEST WALK Entrance