第5回テナントインタビュー【Niko Works】

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第5回テナントインタビュー【Niko Works】

~English Follows~

第5回テナントインタビューはオープン当初よりご利用いただき、BLINKの歴史を一番に知っているNiko Worksさんにご協力いただきました!

Hello, I’m Ryu, an intern student.
For BLINK’s fifth tenant interview, I interviewed Niko Works, who has been using BLINK since we started, and knows us the most!

Q 御社の事業内容を教えてください。/ Please tell us about your business.


Our company specializes in making and providing web contents such as publications, magazines to expectant mothers and parenting mothers. We also create content for NHK, offering information to a wide range of people. Plus, we distribute mail magazines targeted to expectant mothers and parenting mothers, which has approximately 200k subscribers. 

Q 御社の強みはなんですか?/ What is the strength of your company?


Since most of the workers in our company used to work in the field related to book publishing, they can see things from customers’ point of view. This experience and knowledge are valuable when developing products and services. 

Q 御社で働く上でのやりがいはなんですか?/ What makes your job worthwhile?


We can create between users and companies.

Q 最後にBLINKの良いところをお聞かせください。/ Lastly, what do you like about BLINK


Working at BLINK’s coworking space allows us to communicate with other people. Interacting with BLINK Staff members and other people from different businesses provides us with opportunities to get fresh ideas.

Niko works さんのHPはこちら

Visit their website from here.