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~English Follows~


Hello, I’m Ryu, an intern student.
For BLINK’s third tenant interview, I interviewed Okuchy!

Q 御社の事業内容を教えてください。/ Please tell us about your business.


We are developing an app called “ZzzMeter” (pronounced as “ZOO-meter”) that records breathing sounds during sleep to measure the number of times “you are thought not to breathe”. We initially started this project to improve the quality of sleep for people in the transportation industry, such as taxi drivers. We collected data from approximately 600 taxi drivers and used it to develop an algorithm, which we subsequently implemented into the app. Currently, we are focused on introducing the app to corporate clients.

Q このアプリの強みはなんですか?/ What is the strength of this app?


Many of us take breathing through our noses and mouths for granted. However, as we get older or gain weight, these seemingly simple tasks can become challenging. There are many individuals who believe they aren’t getting a good night’s sleep but hesitate to visit the hospital. Our app allows users to easily check their sleep condition using just their smartphone. Furthermore, we are currently developing an app that includes exercises to strengthen the muscles around the mouth in order to improve the breathing patterns during sleep. We are collaborating with universities to conduct various research projects and working towards implementing these solutions in society.

Q 御社で働く上でのやりがいはなんですか?/ What makes your job worthwhile?


I feel satisfied at every moment and I am sure everyone feels the same way. As a result, everyone works voluntarily, and our company’s feature is that we allow employees to have control over their working hours.

Q 最後にBLINKの良いところをお聞かせください。/ Lastly, what do you like about BLINK?

まず雰囲気が良いところです。 カフェやフードトラックもあり、BLINK 六本木にいるとコミュニケーションが生まれ、毎日刺激を感じています。 そして郵便物を受け取りもしてくださり、 平日9:00-18:00は常にスタッフがいるのでセキュリティ的に安心です。

BLINK’s atmosphere is great as there is a cafe which fosters communication and daily inspiration. They also handle mail and deliveries, and with friendly staff always present from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays, I feel safe from a security perspective.

Download the app from here