[イベント紹介②]Doga by Buddies

  • お知らせ
[イベント紹介②]Doga by Buddies

~English Follows~


◆親子DOGA (ドガ) とは?
保護犬たちと一緒に親子でヨガやゲームを楽しみながら、犬のことや保護犬の問題を知ることができるイベントです。保護犬をサポートする会社Buddiesによって開催されています。本イベントの売上利益は、 保護犬のケアや新たなレスキュー費、 企画中のシェルター設立費に充当されます。


※空き状況によっては、当日参加(現金 or Paypay 支払い) 可能




We would like to introduce “Doga”, one of BLINK’s popular events🐕‍🦺

◆What is Doga?
This event is where you can learn challenges dogs or rescue dogs are facing while enjoying yoga and games with rescue dogs. It is organized by Buddies, who supports rescue dogs. The profits from this event will be used to take care of rescue dogs, covering new rescue costs, and helping set up the shelter we’re planning.

Interacting with dogs has been scientifically shown to bring about “stress relief,” “mood-boosting effects,” and “community bonding”. This event allows you make a difference in society by learning about dogs and supporting rescue dogs.

【Participation Fee】

  • 5,000 yen
    *Drop-in participation is possible depending on availability. (cash or PayPay payment)

【What to Bring】

  • Drinks
  • Comfortable clothing for movement
  • Bath towel (if laying on rental yoga mats)
    *Yoga mats will be provided.

▼▼Recommended for ▼▼

  • Those looking to join a fun and new event
  • Individuals interested in yoga or animal therapy
  • Those wanting to interact with rescue dogs
  • People wanting to support rescue dogs

The next session will be held on May 18th! Come and experience the healing power of rescue dogs!