[イベント紹介③]「Crew without a Clue」~笑いと謎の一夜

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[イベント紹介③]「Crew without a Clue」~笑いと謎の一夜

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「クルー・ウィズアウト・ア・クルー」のプレミア上映で、笑いと陰謀に満ちた夜を楽しみましょう。このモキュメンタリーは、All Visions Align Ltd.によって制作されました。2024年6月7日金曜日にBLINK六本木でプレミアム上映会を開催します。無料で参加いただけますのでぜひお見逃しなく!

  • 日時:2024年6月7日(金)
  • 会場:ブリンク六本木
  • 開場:18:30
  • 開演:19:00
  • 入場料:無料(ワンドリンクオーダー制)





Get ready to be swept off your feet with laughter and intrigue at the premiere screening of “Crew without a Clue”, a unique mockumentary/dramedy that’s all set to make waves. This exciting event is brought to you by All Visions Align Ltd. and will be held at Blink Roppongi on Friday, June 7th, 2024.
Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, June 7th, 2024
  • Venue: Blink Roppongi
  • Doors Open: 6:30 PM
  • Screening Starts: 7:00 PM
  • Entry: Free (one drink minimum)

About the Film:
Imagine stumbling upon a hard drive filled with 30 hours of unlabelled footage and having just one night to create a film from it. What story unfolds from the footage you choose? “Crew without a Clue” promises an evening filled with laughter, tears, chaos, and a tantalizing dose of mystery.

The Cast: This film features an ensemble of 16 emerging actors hailing from 9 different countries, making it a truly international production right here in Japan. Watch as talents like Fabio Altomonte, Miguel Anonas, and Thomas Clue bring their diverse backgrounds and skills to life on the big screen.

Behind the Scenes: The creative force behind this production is Marei Annis, who not only directed but also took part in the camera and crew work alongside Rachel Daddino and Tyress K. Rachel Daddino additionally lends her expertise as a story consultant, ensuring a tightly woven plot and engaging narrative.

Don’t miss out on this captivating blend of documentary and comedy. Join us at Blink Roppongi to uncover the story that “Crew without a Clue” will tell. It’s a premiere you won’t forget – perfect for cinephiles and casual viewers alike!