DAVOS DIGES 2023 – World Economic Forum Highlights!

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DAVOS DIGES 2023 – World Economic Forum Highlights!

PDIE Group is bringing together thought leaders from all over the world to co-create a better tomorrow!
They have been in Davos this year and organized a Climate & Biodiversity Gamechanger Showcase with some of our Earthshot Prize nominees.
14 startups could present to a well curated audience of investors and some family offices.
The Forum has lots of events happening in only a week and there is a multitude of layers and people can connect in various ways!
This time, we will invite an esteemed panel of international people (including from Japan) to discuss their experiences and reflect upon the exciting week in Davos at World Economic Forum!
Please come join us to BLINK 🙂

Jason Jay/ MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative
Christian Schmitz/ PDIE Group, Founder/CEO
Norah Casey/ Broadcaster, entrepreneur and human rights campaigner
Stephan Nicoleau/ Partner, FullCycle

Date: 10 February 2023
Time: 19:30-22:00JST
Online viewing : ¥1000
In person ticket(includes light drinks and snacks): ¥3000

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PDIE Group は、より良い明日を共に創るために、世界中のリーダー達を集めています!
PDIE Groupは、今年ダボス会議に参加し、Earthshot賞のノミネート企業とともに、気候変動と生物多様性のゲームチェンジャー・ショーケースを開催しました。
ぜひBLINKにお越しくださいませ 🙂